TIENS Visión General del Negocio

Over 30 million people all over the world trusted our company and have been with us for more than 19 years now.

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Welcome to TIENS

What is most important for you?

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There are many benefits of joining TIENS business, among others:

  • Accumulative compensation plan – level of discount or bonus you achieve stays with you all the time
  • Quick way to enjoy TIENS business benefits –
    • e.g. after accumulating 300 PV of your purchases – you will get 20% of discount / bonus for all your future purchases.
    • After placing an order in amount of 100 PV you can win one of 120 trips to China worth 2000 USD each!
  • One of the highest value of bonuses payed to DS within MLM industry (up to 55% of total company volume)
  • Food supplements based on 5000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern researches. science and technology
  • Support for your business – TIENS trainers will help you understand how to make a sustainable, successful business with us.
  • Aspirational recognition levels – including one time bonuses at 100 000 USD value.
  • Travel with TIENS to exotic destinations and /or enjoy car bonuses!

If you are interested to find out more about TIENS – join us!