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TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus

Designed as an intelligent single-chip microcomputer, TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus can balance our wellbeing, by adjusting the body’s bioelectric activity to convert abnormal electric potential, to its normal status. Meanwhile, by the use of laser stimulation, it can stimulate the cells of the body to go through chemical reaction, leading to the biological invigoration. The function of vibration massage is to offer a delight sense of comfort while adjusting head electric potential, relieving fatigue and improving memory.

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Regulation of bioelectricity

TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus can safely, rapidly and easily restore the electric potential into its balance. The operation principle of the TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus is to adjust the electric potential of impaired cells using the bioelectric principle, so that to adjust the bioelectric balance of our body.


Regulation of blood flow

By using of combing function, it regulates and restores abnormal electrical potential of the cells to a healthy condition. With its built-in special circuit which activates the closed circuit of the human body to increase negative charge, it rapidly regulates the unbalanced, potential to a healthy condition. TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus not only has the functions of balancing blood flow, but also can dredge meridians balance Yin - Yang harmony and therefore improve well-being. Laser stimulationTIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus adopts low-intensity laser (with 650-nanometer wavelength and 5-milliwatt power) full of wide biological effects which can stimulate the cells of the body and proper them to go through chemical reactions, improving the body’s natural defences..

Prevent hair shedding and baldness

Low-intensity laser irradiation on scalp is able to prominently enhance the regeneration capacity of blood capillary and collagenous fiber, improve and enhance the metabolism process of hair follicle stem cells to promote hair regeneration and curb hair shedding.
Massage health protection

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine of Meridian and Collateral channels, by massage of acupuncture points on head, keeping them unimpeded and smooth by combing, the apparatus can effectively relieve dizziness and fatiguecaused by excessive use of the brain, so as to relieve brain fatigue, strengthen memory, awake brain, as well as alleviate muscle strains and aches.


People with electronic medical implant such as heart pacemaker, pregnant women, patients with mental disorder or renal failure, and those who are allergic to the product are not recommended to use the product.




  • Balances blood flow
  • Prevents bioelectric imbalance in the body’s cells
  • Improves the metabolism process of hair follicle cells and hence.
  • Promotes hair regeneration and prevents hair shading
  • Alleviates fatigue
  • Provides laser stimulation in various, biological applications Enhances the regenerative capacity of blood capillarries and collagen fiber.




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