Pioneering Research Work

The Research Institute employs a top team of technicians with extensive work experience. The TIENS Life Science and Technology Research Institute was established to focus on helping to improve world health in line with the ‘Great Health for All’ vision. It was meticulously planned, equipped with cutting edge technology and staffed by elite specialists. It gathers information from industry, universities and research institutes around the globe to ensure it stays abreast of health sector innovations.

The research institute employs a top team of technicians and doctors. It is equipped with the finest scientific equipment. The research team already worked successfully on national projects such as anti-ageing products and plant-based cleaners.

Exterior view of TIENS Life Science and Technology Research Institute

The research facility covers 6000 m2 and conforms to the highest international standards of pharmaceutical and healthcare laboratory design and construction. It provides an ideal environment for research and scientific projects. Arond RMB 80 million (9 mln euro) was invested in scientific research devices and equipment which has created a state of the art product and technology development facility.

Since the Institute’s construction, the Tiens Group has taken advantage of the on-site high-tech resources and outstanding R&D teams to support and sustain its product innovation and development. The research institute will ensure that the Tiens Group continues its pioneering scientific R&D work into developing healthy products using natural resources that consumers all around the world can enjoy.